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Building a strong, interactive community is important to Academic Analytics. As such, we host a variety of workshops and participate in academic conferences throughout the year. Events Our workshops offer clients the opportunity to learn more about working with the database, share best practices, serve as a forum to exchange ideas with other clients, and encourage collaborative feedback and information to our Academic Analytics team.

We conduct stand-alone workshops designed to meet specific objectives relative to the audience. These workshops are building blocks to our future, bringing together like-minded individuals who share a similar goal of defining academic standards for improvement. Whether you are a provost, dean, institutional research analyst, or vice president of research, our workshops are thoughtfully planned to provide maximum value for your time.

Additionally, we have a presence at many national conferences offering consultative demonstrations to clients and prospective clients. Considerate of scheduling challenges, we try to arrange workshops around these events. Please see Upcoming Events for more information.

We strongly encourage client participation at our hosted events and look forward to meeting with everyone at annual conferences. Due to the largely individualized agendas, workshops are by invitation only, but we are pleased to discuss these opportunities with you. Please email your questions to We look forward to working with you.

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