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Back to About Page Lawrence Martin, Ph.D., Founder
Lawrence Martin founded Academic Analytics in January 2005 as a means to provide client universities with comparative data at the discipline level on the scholarly performance of their faculty.

Lawrence served as Dean of the Graduate School at Stony Brook University for 19 years, from 1993-2012. He began research on faculty scholarly productivity and its relationship to university quality in 1995. Lawrence was also Associate Provost at Stony Brook for 12 years from 2001-2012.

He is a Professor of Anthropology and of Anatomical Sciences and currently serves as Director of the Turkana Basin Institute and as Special Advisor to the President on Academic Excellence.

Anthony J. Olejniczak, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chief Knowledge Officer
Anthony J. Olejniczak has been working on the quantification of faculty productivity with Lawrence Martin for more than 10 years. His interest in the analysis of faculty productivity metrics began during his tenure as Assistant to the Associate Provost for Analysis and Planning at Stony Brook University.

Anthony earned his Ph.D. in Anthropological Sciences in 2006 from Stony Brook University, followed by a three-year post-doctoral position at the Max Planck Institute for Human Evolution (Leipzig, Germany), and became a Juan de la Cierva fellow at the Spanish National Centre for the Study of Human Evolution (Burgos, Spain).